Facebook: More contextual advertising, less chatting

facebook mobile Facebook might not want to show your actual status updates and photos to your friends, but they do want you to look at adverts. It is less a social network and more a virtual carousel of billboards of weight-loss tips and teeth whitening devices.

Having started the roll-out of Facebook for iOS 10.0, they've decided once again, to muck around with ads, which will now be Google Now-style contextual cards for each of your updates.

So, what does that mean? Well, Facebook's algorithm will come up with commercials and the like, based on photos of restaurants where you checked in, listing friends you've checked in with at various places or things you've mentioned in posts, as well as things relating to songs you and your pals have posted. If you don't check-in to places, or share music videos and such, you'll probably see things that your friends like, so you can blame them if you get a load of Muse spam or a constant trickle of Nando's posts.

'Constant trickle' is something we've all learned about the hard way after too much fried chicken.

The new version of the app allows you to review a preview of a status update and chuck out any unwanted suggested links. People will invariably start off stripping out all ads, before they get tired of doing the constant social network admin, and let any old shit go on their wall.

Basically, Facebook are showing you that your updates are just updates - they're real-time advertising opportunities which will be colour coded - green for content, red for places, yellow for photos and blue for birthdays.

So, if you say you're watching a TV show, the card will show you who else in your friend list is watching it. Like you care. Or, if you post from a certain location, it will generate cards that show friends who have posted from the same location. This isn't the first time Facebook have played around with contextual suggestion, but this time, it will be more in-your-face.

Again, Facebook are answering a question that no-one asked.

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