Facebook Messenger goes to desktop

Facebook Just like WhatsApp, Facebook have sent their Messenger to the desktop.

After separating their messaging service from the Facebook app on Android and iOS, they've now made it standalone for the web, which you can access at Messenger.com.

"We're launching Messenger for web browsers - a standalone web chat product accessible via Messenger.com," Facebook said in a statement. "Once logged in, people can dive directly into a dedicated desktop messaging experience, keeping their conversations going and picking up where they left off."

Like the desktop version of WhatsApp, once you log-in, you'll see all your existing chats fullscreen. You can also make calls with the phone or video buttons which you'll find in the menu bar. It reminds us of the interface you get with Google Hangouts, if you must know.

So there you go. It isn't too thrilling to look at, and is pretty functional. However, it could be handy for those who haven't got everyone from Facebook as a contact or number in their phones or on Skype.

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