Facebook launches Instagram rival

Bitterwallet - Facebook censorshipRemember when Facebook bought Instagram for a billion dollars? Everyone thought that was spectacularly odd behaviour. Well, Zuckerbook has gone and launched a rival app called 'Camera' which is available on the iPhone for free.

That's right. Facebook have launched a rival to something it just bought for loads and loads of money.

Like Instagram, 'Camera' (a seriously terrible name - disgustingly post-modern) allows users to share photos with captions and add different filters to change the look of your pictures. The only crucial difference is that this app is all about making images for sharing on Facebook and seeing fellow Facebook users’ images. Anyone who has used the Facebook app knows that perving looking at people's photos is problematic and clunky.

Mark Zuckerberg has said that he wouldn't shut Instagram down, but this new app suggests otherwise.

Of course, Facebook floated last week, which has seen worldwide fury, leading some shareholders to the courts where they are suing Zuckerberg after the share price dropped drastically last week. Is Facebook the most hated company in the world?

[via telegraph]


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  • Kevin
    Fairly obvious it's something they have been working on for ages, well before they bought Instragram. They're not going to chuck that for no reason.
  • Turds
    Facebook haven't fully completed the purchase of Instagram yet....
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