Facebook launch Foursquare rip-off 'Places' in the UK

Bitterwallet - Facebook logoSomeone said to me recently that "Facebook is still the best thing to stalk people with." Chilling as it sounds, I think (hope) he meant that you can look at people's pictures and see what they've been up to. However, now that Facebook Places has finally launched in the UK, you can really get your stalk on.

If you don't know what 'Places' is, and care enough to continue reading this article so you can moan about Facebook invading people's privacy, then basically, it's Foursquare.

Now, if you don't know what Foursquare is (have you been living down a manhole for the past year?), you can read about it here.

Places and Foursquare can integrate, and both allow users to "check in" wherever they are and see who among their friends is at the same location. It also allows people you've never met to see where you are, enabling them to get a good look at your face, find you in a pub, and then follow you home to murder one off in your neck or something. Or, alternatively, they might buy you a pint. It really depends on your view of other humans.

Places is available in the US and now the UK for various smartphones through Facebook's mobile site, with other countries to come.

Be warned though - constant updates about whichever pointless cafe you're currently farting in will invariably incur the wrath of everyone you know. Also, it's worth pointing out that, at the time of press, Facebook Places doesn't have any money-off or freebie offers in the same way Foursquare does.



  • zleet
    Iphone's also geotag pictures as standard (last time i checked) so people can know exactly where you are down to a few feet based on your facebook photos. Funny when some American collage girl leaks nude photos and nerds can then find out exactly where they were taken.
  • hippy1001
    "Facebook Places doesn’t have any money-off or freebie offers in the same way Foursquare does" So you have to pay for this thing then? I dont have a facebook account and have probably been living in my own little world for more than a year, and i've not heard of any of this untill today. To be honest i dont even know why im commenting on this lol, im bored, what else can i do. i know my sgs has geo tagging for pictures but i didnt turn it on, cos i know where i was when i took it, i could give 2 rats to anyone else that wants to know. Maybe im old school, but if someone wants to know all they need to do is ask me, instead of looking for a geo tag on the picture, id also know if a friend was in the same pub as me, friends know where friends hang out. Maybe my view is too spectrum zx for this ipad world i find myself in.

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