Facebook is pretending to be Twitter (again)

Like a nerd in the school playground who wants to fight the ubernerd, Facebook seem to be trying to gain dominance over Twitter by becoming Twitter. It’s wearing the same T-shirt with ‘I know HTML (‘How To Meet Ladies’)’ on the front and drawing pictures of lygers in its notebook, and then maybe they’ll have a weak fight at the school gates over who's got the best JavaScript.

video on Instagram

Facebook, who bought Instagram in 2012, has officially announced that it will be launching a new video service, which is like Vine, but it isn’t Vine (it is). Imaginatively named ‘Video On Instagram’, you can post short videos of you dancing to Daft Punk with a pan on your head in your parent’s bedroom- exactly like Vine. The only difference is that hipsters can choose from 13 ‘retro’ filters to make them look cooler and better looking while they’re being self-obsessed idiots.

The launch of Video on Instagram, which will have 130 million users, comes after Facebook announced it would be introducing hashtags and trending topics the other week.

God, Facebook, would it kill you to have an original idea? Why don’t you just MARRY Twitter and get it over with?


  • klingelton
    Hey Lucy, The article below this one is advertising a product you could probably use right now.
  • whasitoya
  • badger
    ^ Snarf!
  • Chewbie
    Flex with the time of da month

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