Facebook introduce talking chatbots to Messenger

13 April 2016

Facebook Facebook, now almost entirely ignored by anyone under the age of forty, is tinkering with it's social network again, this time, bringing new technology which you can try out right now (provided you have an iPhone, as it hasn't rolled out to Android just yet).

If you go to your Messenger app, and search for, for example CNN, chatbots will launch and start talking to you like they're a human.

Basically, you'll message these dead-eyed drones by searching for certain things, and eventually, you'll be able to converse with them to sort out your online banking, or even order yourself a greasy pizza from your favourite takeaway - all through Messenger.

The first thing to try, as it won't attempt to take money off you, is search for the weather where you live. You ask what the weather is like, and a chatbot should tell you all about it. You can then look out of a window and see if it has lied to you. With news sources, you say 'hello' to it, and it'll ask you about what news you're interested in.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that these chatbots are going to change the way you use your smartphone. "You’ll never have to call 1-800-Flowers again," he said.

Of course, you could just silent tap buttons on existing websites, but if you're feeling like you want to talk to some wires, then this is going to be just the thing for you.

Here's a video of Zuckerberg talking about it.

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