Facebook in hashtag Twitter identity crisis

There’s already a lot of annoying hashtaggery going on on Facebook, despite the fact that they don’t actually mean anything. Yet people seem convinced that they need to adorn photos of their dopey looking Winston Churchill babies with #cute, #baby #awww #blurrrgh


So today Facebook announced that it is going to copy Twitter and adopt actual clickable hashtags that take you to a live feed, so you can see everyone else’s dopey looking babies and discuss your vaginal prolapse with other Facebook users.

With these exciting crazy new hashtags that we have never seen the like of before, you can search for a specific hashtag from the search bar – e.g. #tits. You can also click on hashtags that originate from other social networks, like Instagram and Twitter. Or you can compose your posts directly from the hashtag feed, and search results.

Facebook man Greg Lindley was very excited about the ‘new’ developments, saying:
‘We'll continue to roll out more features in the coming weeks and months, including trending hashtags and deeper insights, that help people discover more of the world's conversations.'

Like Twitter.


Maybe just ditch Facebook and use Twitter instead?


  • LancerVancer
    I am so glad i do not have a facebook account.
  • Jezamiah
    Facebook have been trying to battle head on with Twitter with "follow" certain people and now this. When will they leave that they are just too different and trying to incorporate Twitter features will ruin them.

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