Facebook Home launches on Android, but to everyone's bemusement

17 April 2013

Bitterwallet - Facebook For the millionth time this month, Facebook have tinkered more than Claudio Ranieri in a bid to work out ways of making their awful social network engage people again. And so, we've now got Facebook Home, which has taken over the homescreens of some Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Note 2. It'll take over some HTC handsets too, but no-one uses them anymore.

The HTC First is the dedicated phone with Facebook Home built-in, and basically, Facebook will replace users' homescreens which Mark Zuckerberg foolishly claimed that this new strategy was "mobile best" rather than "mobile first".

Ostensibly, what happens with Facebook Home, is that you'll have a phone that will have a "constant stream of photos and updates from friends that is always available at a glance", as well as more prominent notifications and a messaging (with an emoji/emoticon heavy feature called 'Chat Heads'). Basically, the whole things sounds like a nightmare.

Naturally, this being Facebook, this is wholly about revenue and Zuckerberg admitted that adverts would be a key feature to this new homescreen.

If you don't have a Facebook account, then these phones are nothing more than fancy bricks to you, and with users dropping away from the network, it'll be interesting to see how these Facebook phones work.

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  • Colin
    Funny, I have an S3 and it hasn't taken over my homescreen, still would rather have facebook than be following the shite some people (look in the mirror mof!) talk on twitter.
  • Zleet
    A cross platform cloud/hybrid social organizer would have been better. Have an app that allows you to go on regular facebook but then have a facebook 'home' that links together devices into groups so you can leave messages on a family noticeboard without it interacting with the facebook site. Stick on a few file/photo sharing and server side gubbins and your set.
  • Maurice
    Facebook's for knobs
  • JonB
    Mark Zuckerberg says it's OK to ignore people you are actually with so that you can check your phone/facebook stream, which is the ethos of "facebook home" software. That, to me, is just plain anti-social.
  • Inspector G.
    What Facebook don't seem to understand is that no one really likes Facebook and THE ONE AND ONLY REASON people use Facebook is that it's a convenient way to keep in contact with other people. If Facebook didn't fill my eyeballs with AMAZING AND AWESOME VIDEOS, stupid jpegs with irrelevant and out of context quotes, sponsored posts for businesses I'm not never going to use, people trying to make themselves feel better by asking for likes for the latest tragedy (without having to exert any actual effort), invites to events in different fucking countries, then maybe, just maybe I might consider looking into finding more about Facebook home.

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