Facebook: helping you to stop killing yourself

Facebook Are you wanting to end it all? Considered the various ways of committing suicide and weighing-up which one best meets your needs?

Well, before you go throwing yourself arms-first into a wood chipper or something, you might want to go on Facebook first. No, not to ask everyone's opinion or leave a really impersonal suicide note, but rather, the social network might be able to stop you from doing it.

FB is getting some new features where they'll be offering increased support to those feeling suicidal.

You may not know this, but Facebook has previous with this, and in 2011 launched their service where you could talk to a suicide prevention specialist. They also enabled users to report a link or update if someone was concerning them.

Facebook say: "Currently, if you flag a post or account from someone whom you believe may be suicidal, Facebook will take over the process from there. If you're considering killing yourself, "we now also give them the option of reaching out to a friend, and provide tips and advice on how they can work through these feelings."

Now, anyone reporting someone will also be offered more assistance: "We're also providing new resources and support to the person who flagged the troubling post, including options for them to call or message their distressed friend letting them know they care, or reaching out to another friend or a trained professional at a suicide hotline for support."


Facebook are working with a number of charities and mental health organisations, and asked the advice of FB users who have tried to harm themselves in a bid to come up with a way of helping. However, only US citizens are worth saving, so if you're outside of America, you'll have to wait for a roll-out or ignore Facebook entirely and phone the Samaritans.

Have a look at Facebook's thoughts on all this, here.

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