Facebook fixes the glitch that spied on you while you were logged off

28 September 2011

Bitterwallet - Facebook logoWould you believe it! After everyone stared Facebook straight in the eyes and said 'Another privacy issue, eh? Now there's a massive surprise,' they've only gone and fixed the 'glitch' that saw cookies that tracked you after you'd logged out of the site.

In a statement, the firm told the BBC that it had done nothing wrong.

"There was no security or privacy breach—Facebook did not store or use any information it should not have. Like every site on the internet that personalises content and tries to provide a secure experience for users, we place cookies on the computer of the user.

"Three of these cookies on some users' computers inadvertently included unique identifiers when the user had logged out of Facebook. However, we did not store these identifiers for logged out users. Therefore, we could not have used this information for tracking or any other purpose. In addition, we fixed the cookies so that they won't include unique information in the future when people log out."

Mr Cubrilovic, who discovered this activity, said that Facebook didn't reply to his emails until the whole web started to report on it. He says:

"Facebook has changed as much as they can change with the logout issue. They want to retain the ability to track browsers after logout for safety and spam purposes, and they want to be able to log page requests for performance reasons"

"I would still recommend that users clear cookies or use a separate browser"

Concerns are growing about cookies though, with a new EU directive coming into place which sees online firms across Europe currently working out how they can allow us dithering plebs to opt out of these nefarious bits of code.

So there. It won't be the last personal privacy issue we have with Facebook one suspects.

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  • David
    Let's be honest who really logs out of facebook these days. It's just a tab that stays open constantly whenever anyone's online.
  • Microsoft
    Veiled threat etc.
  • Dick
    So is a glitch like when you accidently drill a hole in the changing room wall, so you can see through to the ladies?
  • Zleet
    Dammit!!! I should really read the whole story beyond the spying on your internet activity headline before I burn my house down and fake my own death. Second time that's happened now.
  • Chris L.
    Thank fuck for that.

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