Facebook crowned UK’s top web time-sink; nobody surprised

Well it was always coming wasn’t it? Neilson Online has compiled figures confirming that the top ten websites are squeezing half of all internet traffic out of their competitors’ combined lungs. Personally I would’ve thought porn would top the bill, but no - Facebook pipped all to the post, including MSN and evermore-Skynet-like Google.

The research also showed that the top ten sites alone consumed 45% of all UK internet time, the average total time being about 22 hours pppm.

Alex Burmaster, European communications director for Nielson Online, commented on the big fishes’ squeeze on the little fishes by saying it’s not a bad thing for online advertising.

What? So it’s okay to continue the squeeze on struggling brands, because then we can have more lukewarm, shitty drivel about stuff we don’t care about pushed down our eyeballs? Happy happy joy joy. I understand the point he’s making and don’t see a need to bail any fishes, but I’m sure not it’s a good thing.

And is it a good thing we spend so much time on Facebook anyway, as opposed to other more objectively useful sites? Is it good we spend 6.2 billion minutes on it?

Isn’t most of this time spent deleting the bacterial quagmire of messages, apps, invites and events that infest each account every day? But hey, we did manage to transfer all our socialising off the real planet Earth and into a website – so it’s all good right? Right.

The top ten web brands in the UK:

1 - Facebook (market share 12.7 per cent)
2 - MSN/Windows Live (9.2 per cent)
3 - Google (5.3 per cent)
4 - eBay (4.1 per cent)
5 - Yahoo! (3.5 per cent)
6 - AOL Media Network (3.0 per cent)
7 - BBC (2.3 per cent)
8 - YouTube (1.9 per cent)
9 - Microsoft (1.5 per cent)
10 – Apple (1.5 per cent)

[IT Pro]

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