Facebook breaks down and users suffer worldwide outages

Bitterwallet - Facebook For the past week, Facebook has been buggy for many users, but as of today, it has really gone awry.

All day, there has been errors across the site with users unable to update their status, or post comments, or send messages or post photos. And you can't 'Like' anything.

Huge amounts of users have found that trying to do basic things have resulted in a pop-up box which says: "There was a problem updating your status. Please try again in a few minutes."

Of course, these glitches aren't uncommon, but this one seems to be worldwide, with all users facing the same technical errors. Testing it on different IP addresses, you'll get the same response.

A quick test on Downrightnow seems to back up the notion that this is a huge service disruption.

So if you thought your account was down or you were locked out, don't fret - everyone else is in the same boat. We'll be back to muttering swear words at people's baby photos in no time at all.


  • LancerVancer
    Holy shit, its the end of the farmville as we know it!!!!!!! Flex n' Chill, ja get me.
  • badgerbaiter
    In other news, there was no fox bumming today.

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