Facebook bans photo of woman in the bath

Have a look at this photograph of a woman in the bath. Facebook have banned it from the social network on grounds of taste and decency. Now, hands-up if you though that the lady in question was baring a giant boob, or whether you gawped at what is clearly an elbow.

Doesn't matter either way because Facebook have removed it for indecency, which is exactly what webrag Theories of the Deep Understanding of Things wanted as they were carrying out a test to see how Facebook deals with misleading pictures.

The magazine wrote on its Facebook page: "So, here's last night’s FB alertness test results: FB moderators can't tell an elbow from a dangerous, filthy, uncanny and violent female breast," adding "'No questions were asked and the post is down. Imagine our surprise."

This test follows a series of protests over FB's policy on photos of women breast-feeding their babies. For some reason, Facebook has banned mothers from posting photos of themselves feeding their kids. Of course, you can't show boobies, but you can reportedly show 'crushed heads, limbs etc... as long as no insides are showing', which we've previously written about.



  • Chewbacca
    lollingtons her elbow looks like a tit, kinda. should fit right in here
  • Jack T.
    Where are her bath toys? And why is she smiling so much?
  • Дигарей
    Thank you facebook...
  • The M.
    Facebook can do what the heck they like, they're under no obligation to do otherwise, as long as they're not disciminatory. Facebook usage isn't a human right.
  • Sicknote
    Yawn..another non story
  • Pete
    This was like, old news on Monday....
  • w0nKeY H.
    I was unaware of this until now. I roger badgers.
  • Fart f.
  • Facebook N.
    [...] For instance, I know for a fact that my most popular Facebook image was the one where I was sitting in a bathtub and people thought my arms were an enormous pair of boobs. [...]

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