Facebook are teaming up with Uber

17 December 2015

uber taxi Facebook have said that they're testing out a new service where they'll allow people who use their Messenger app to hail Uber rides directly from the app. You won't even have to stop talking to someone to order yourself an Uber cab.

Uber is the first partner for the Transportation on Messenger service, which is going to be available to people who live in places that have an Uber service. First, it'll roll out across America and then, if they like it, it will roll out elsewhere.

You'll be able to hit the car icon in your chat to hail a taxi, or you can choose the 'transportation' bit from a menu.

"Facebook is looking at this as a way to make Messenger more attractive," Thilo Koslowski, vice president and automotive practice leader of Gartner said.

Naturally, some people aren't going to be happy letting Facebook know where they're going all the time, so expect a modicum of moaning about this from some quarters.

Of course, Facebook are playing catch-up - WeChat have already been doing a similar service for a while now. Either way, Uber continue to be internet and app savvy, making them a very attractive prospect for a number of people. The rest of the taxi world needs to get on board themselves, or be left behind.

Introducing Transportation on Messenger from Facebook on Vimeo.

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