Facebook: 83m fake accounts and undesirables

3 August 2012

Bitterwallet - FacebookFacebook often crows about how many people use the service (which is bizarrely complicated and we really wouldn't stand for it if it was unleashed on the public now), but all that glitters isn't online gold.

See, FB has a staggering 83m fake profiles, including millions created for users' pets (honestly, if you're the kind of person who sets up an account for your pet, go and kill yourself now) and, better yet, a huge number of accounts the Facebook deems "undesirable."

This figure came out after Facebook had to submit a first quarter report to US financial regulators since it floated on the stock market. All-in-all, nearly 10% of its users aren't actually real.

In total, there were 83.09m fake users in total, which the social network classifies into three section, the largest being 46m duplicate profiles. Then there were "user-misclassified" profiles, which Facebook says "users have created personal profiles for a business, organisation or non-human entity such as a pet". And then, finally, there's the "undesirable" profiles, which breach Facebook's terms and conditions. Or 14m spam accounts to you.

"We generate a substantial majority of our revenue from advertising," the company said in its filing. "The loss of advertisers, or reduction in spending by advertisers with Facebook, could seriously harm our business."

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  • Mock S.
    Define fake? Anyone using their real details on Farcebook is leaving themselves wide open to abuse of their personal data, something that Farcebook have a proven track record of. Unless a user is pretending to be someone else in a malicious fashion then I would consider the account to be legitimate if it's being actively used. But then I would say that as most of my on-line existence is done via pseudonyms and "junk" email addresses.
  • Boring B.
    I think that the title is a pretty accurate description of Facebook.
  • lumoruk
    I created a dupe to check my family weren't unknowingly sharing photos outside the family.
  • The M.
    These advertisers do know you can block the shit out of their annoying little banners right?
  • Gillian M.
    I've got 2 accounts, one is a real one, the other is my fake one for liking shit to get free shit.
  • I'm t.
    Fancy setting up fake accounts, bastards
  • I'm t.
    Fancy setting up fake accounts, bastards

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