Ex-Microsoft employee arrested for leaking trade secrets

20 March 2014

There’s been subterfuge afoot in the Microsoft camp – a senior software architect has been arrested for passing on secrets about Windows 8 to a French tech blogger in 2012.


Alex Kibkalo, who was formally charged at a district court in Seattle yesterday, was apparently upset with Microsoft after he got a crappy performance review, so instead of taking it out on the Dilbert gonk at his workstation, he decided to go rogue and leak trade secrets instead.

Soon, Microsoft noticed that screen shots of Windows 8 had begun to mysteriously appear on tech blogs prior to its release, and the FBI were called in to investigate.

Kibkalo sent the blogger a piece of code that could have allowed hackers to infiltrate the software. He also stole Microsoft’s Activation Server Software development kit.

But Kibkalo wasn’t as good at covering his tracks as creating code – in an email, he allegedly bragged about breaking into a building on Microsoft’s Washington campus and trying to copy a server.


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