Everyone hates Lloyd’s after yesterdays’ ATM meltdown

If you were a Lloyd’s customer trying to take money out between 3pm and 6pm yesterday, you would have found that Britain’s biggest bank wouldn’t give you any cash. The IT glitch affected 7000 cash machines all over the UK, leaving hundreds and thousands of customers out of pocket.

lloyds cash point

Lloyd’s, TSB (who parted from Lloyds earlier in the year), Halifax and Bank of Scotland customers suffered 4 hours of malfunctioning cash machine difficulties, and people were also unable to make debit card payments.

Now, though, they could be swamped by compensation claims by disgruntled customers, who took to Twitter complaining that their card had come up ‘transaction void’ when they were shopping, and venting their embarrassed rage.

‘Great service, Lloyds’ said one peed-off Tweeter. ‘Left me right in it.’

Another said: ‘‘I am a TSB customer with a Lloyds card still (like everyone else). And I’ve been embarrassed three times today re: card declined.’

A quarter of TSB customers were affected by the glitch, but nobody bothered to mention it on their website. It was only when Twitter users demanded an apology from TSB boss Paul Pester, that he got off his sunlounger in the Maldives and said sorry.

The reason for the glitch isn’t yet clear, but someone at Lloyd’s has mumbled something about a server error. Lloyds also say they will consider each compensation claim ‘on a case by case basis.’

So it looks like they’ll be having a busy week, then.


  • Jamie
    I've hated Lloyds long before the ATM meltdown. :) I'm amazed they still have a customer base.
  • Russian F.
    [...] the Chinese shadow-banking sector as well as HSBC’s recent bottlenecking of withdrawals and Lloyd’s ATM-withdrawal “glitch,” are all raising red flags regarding liquidity flows in the fiat financial [...]

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