Even if you LOVEFiLM, you'll be screwed by their promotions

19 November 2009

We've just launched our annual lambasting of shoddy business practises with Bitterwallet’s Worst Company of 2009, but if there was a prize for nonsensical terms and conditions, LOVEFiLM would clean up right now. The DVD subscription service is currently running an online promotion to "celebrate the return of Hot Chocolate week", that lesser-known pagan holiday that everyone seems to have lived without previously and suffered no ill-effects. That, or it's a bullshit marketing promotion from Mars:

Bitterwallet - Hot Chocolate Week at LOVEFiLM

Fancy a free sample? Unconcerned about data capture and relentless spamming until the end of time? No problem! Just register your details with LOVEFiLM and you're away!

Bitterwallet - sign up for freebies with LOVEFiLM

What's that, you say? The statement concerning data protection makes less sense than a brass cloud?

Bitterwallet - LOVEFiLM, it makes no sense

We double-dare you to find a more nonsensical piece of marketing legalese - why not get the whole office involved in spotting bullshit-baffles-brains today? Send your efforts to [email protected]

Thanks to Bitterwallet reader Chris


  • Gunn
    Ha very clever, make it difficult to work out if they ticked the box thinking you will untick it.
  • Andrew R.
    Un Un-tick - lolol
  • Steff
    Should be just an error ?!
  • Jeffrey A.
    God, this is almost as confusing as the time I hired a prostitute dressed as a school girl. I didn't know whether to pay in sweets or money!
    • Andy D.
      @Jeffrey Archer - you were dressed as a schoolgirl? Kinky!
  • The B.
    Have you never seen anyone do this before? IPC and Dennis Publishing are the best, they have 3 marketing boxes, the first is ticked and asks you to untick, the second and third are ticked too but ask you to tick, needless to say each box comes with 4 lines of legalese so that you read the first one but ignore the next 2 and think that they're the same.
  • Rt S.
    This unticking the box business was developed by VistaPrint which will, undoubtedly, be issuing the copyist with some form of writ in the near future. If you agree with my statement please tick the following box []
  • John
    The clever bit is that it's not talking about the box to the right - it says un un-tick the box BELOW!
  • Nobby
    Are you serious? These have been around for ages. Are you totally and utterly seriously reporting on this?
  • charitynjw
    Dear Mars - why are you talking from Uranus..............................well, somebody had to say it!!

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