Europeans to get Windows Phone 7 before the US

3 August 2010

windows-phone-7-After the royal balls-up of the Kin, Microsoft are crying that, come October, they'll be BACK IN THE GAME! High five's all round, eh? Obviously, the company are still smarting from the Kin failure, and basically, want what Apple have got - and that's a posh phone to crow about.

And so, some bald bloke raved about the new Windows Phone 7 at a conference and that October is the timeframe for its release across Europe (and November if you live in the US - sorry Americans).

So, how exactly are they getting back in the game? This seems to mean that this new phone they're bringing out is a smartphone that has a 'smart design for quicker access to information', 'hubs' (integrated experiences) for music, video and games, hi-res screens and will possibly link in some way to Zune, XBox Live, Facebook and Office.

Sounds like your average smartphone thus far, but I'm sure they'll have some trick up their sleeve (whether people buy into it or not is another matter entirely).

Engadget have a video of the bald man crowing about this new device, which you can watch by clicking here. Be warned though, it isn't particularly interesting. You will get to see a graphic of the phone in action if you're interested enough.

At this early stage, it looks like a cheap MP3 player in design, but there's a lot of tweaking to be done between now and October no doubt.


  • Nobby
    Will you be able to make calls if you hold it, or will they copy apple?
  • Roger R.
    I read somewhere that this new version 7 OS will censor content, similar to Apple's ban on nipples. I really hope they don't go down this route.
  • Mark H.
    Too little to late. Android and iOS are the winners and will be for many years to come.
  • Anon
    Ah, the other use for apostrophes - as a "look out, here comes an 's'" marker. "High five's" - really?
  • Nick T.
    They're releasing it in Europe first so we do their beta testing. It's not much different to when The Who or Zeppelin would play the first date of a new tour in somewhere awful like Norwich or Scotland so they can get it right before hitting the important venues. But sadly it's all a bit of a busted flush for Microsoft anyway; they're already out of the game.
  • JohnnyPooPooPants
    That is one ugly ass mobile phone. Anyway I have seen the adverts, Microsoft is for geeks, I need to buy apple stuff to be cool...
  • PaulH
    @JohnnyPooPooPants - I had Apple on vinyl before it was cool...I also sport hipster facial hair...
  • klingelton
    @PaulH - I can't grow facial hair. i'm not a man :(

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