EU watchdogs meet about your personal data

2 February 2016

peeping-tom-spy Remember Facebook losing a court case about the way they transferred your personal data out of Europe and back to America?

Well, this case has massive ramifications for tech firms, because most of them make their money on the data they harvest, and EU data regulators are having a meet-up to discuss how these companies handle everyone's data.

Watchdogs are looking at what happens next, now that the Safe Harbour agreement doesn't apply in Europe any more. The previous agreement meant that business didn't have to get authorisation for individual data transfers.

A replacement deal is still being mulled over, and it is thought that there's going to be some kind of announcement about it tomorrow.

Any new pact means that American companies are going to have to convince EU regulators that there's adequate privacy protections for Europeans and their personal data. A new agreement is all set to be called 'Safer Harbour', which must have taken all of 5 seconds to come up with.

Safer Harbour will try and work out a way of protecting citizens, without hindering American tech companies too much. There's talk of an independent ombudsman being introduced, who could heavily penalise tech companies that aren't careful enough with people's personal information, and there's also mutterings about this going to court all over again, should the tech companies not like any new proposals from Europe.

More when we get it.

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