EU to end 'rip off' roaming charges

29 March 2012

roaming chargesAs of July this year, mobile phone firms will be forced to lower the prices of making a call or downloading data abroad under new rules agreed by the European Parliament.

From then, we will pay no more than 24p per minute to make a call and 59p per megabyte for data downloads across Europe as the EU bids to stop consumers getting nasty bill-shaped surprises after falling foul of ludicrously high roaming charges.

"Consumers are fed up with being ripped off," said commissioner Neelie Kroes, who added: "The new roaming deal gives us a long-term structural solution with lower prices, more choice and a new smart approach for data and internet browsing."

At the moment, the limit on what can be charged for making a call is around 30p and sending a text 9p. However, there's no cap on what companies can charge per megabyte of data. That's where people are getting stung. And as of July 2014, we'll all now be able to shop around for the best deal and sign up for a separate mobile contract using their existing number when going abroad. With the whole of Europe competing with each other, expect prices to gradually fall.

In addition to all this, from this summer, we'll also get a text, email or pop-up, warning us when we get to 50 euros/£41 worth of data downloads.

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  • Cike S.
    Ganges in Europe now ?
  • Alex
    Still a rip. With a mifi on 3, you can pay a tenner for a gig of data that lasts a month in the UK. That currently equates to 10megs in Europe, and will only increase to just shy of 17megs after the price cut.
  • Simon
    If your with O2 or Vodafone in the uk and then you go abroad and roam onto your company 's network abroad (ie O2 or vodafone ), why can't you be looked after as if you are on your home tarriff (inclusive data/mins etc) The first company to do that would clean up with new subscribers
  • Mike H.
    "Yes darling, I got the rug dry cleaned, Yes, I'm just about to scatter your mother! No, I'm not smoking! Yes, this call probably is costing me a fucking fortune, but this is Leicester and not India, after all"

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