EU slap Microsoft with a massive fine

Antitrust regulators at the European Union (a very exciting bunch) have chased after Microsoft so they can lamp them with a huge fine after the software vendors broke a promise to offer Windows users a choice of rival Internet browsers.

And that fine is £484 million, 1% of the company's 2012 revenues.

The EU competition commissioner, Joaquín Almunia, seems to be making an example of Microsoft as they are the first software giant to break new rules from the antitrust crew.

The European commission have already served a £1.4bn fine to Microsoft for not providing data at fair prices to rivals and for tying their media player to the Windows operating system.

It is bad news for Microsoft as their share in the European browser market has all but halved since 2008, sitting glumly below Google Chrome and Mozilla FireFox.



  • Alexis
    No way they 'just forgot' to reinstate the system. Their lawyers just told them they'd save £800 million or something if they 'accidentally' ditched it.
  • HW
    What i find astounding is that the EU can tell a company what to do with its own product. Why the fuck should they have to offer alternatives to its own product. If you are too thick to source an alterative browser on your PC, then you should stick to licking windows. I don't see an obvious option to have an alternative browser on my Apple or Android products... Fuck off EU, cunt.
  • klingelton
    agree with HW. if people are dumb enough not to themselves "if IE is shit, why is there not a better alternative?" they deserve to be lumbered with the shit dinosaur of a web browser. I also have a mac, and didn't see a window pop up the first time i launched safari asking if i wanted to install chrome, firefox, ie or any other competitor browsers. The final point is - i'm pretty sure the M$ browser market share has dropped beacuase IE is utter shit. Written from IE.
  • jimmy
    Not a Microsoft fan, try to avoid their products as much as possible (especially the latest generation) but don't understand why they are picked on while Mac's and iStuff bundle their own browser. I imagine that Android is exempt because it's open source and manufactures can chose to bundle their own browsers. If a phone comes with Chrome it's because Samsung or HTC or whoever have selected it, rather than Google.
  • Pez
    Agree with HW. Absolute joke, Whilst IE isn't the best and I know people like to hate on MS this is stupid beyond belief. Why do I not get a forced option on my Macbook and ditch Safari and Quicktime ? Why does Chrome OS not get a prompt to download another browser ? Seems like weight being thrown around for the sake of it.
  • chewbacca
    HW speaks truth. What about paint? Comes with every windows OS and you don't get Adobe complaining etc. Total bullshit.
  • Tom
    Oh good so now we don't need to pay so much to the EU in the next 5 years...... Yeah right
  • OFI
    Yup never understoff why Microsoft got picked on for this. Countless other companies do what appears to be exactly the same thing and they didn't get fined. It's not like you're stopped in any way from picking your own browser so what's all the fuss about? Where do you draw the line? Ask if you want to use Notepad or an alternative? The Microsoft icons or an alternative?
  • Natty
    I will be fining the UK goverment for failing to keep so many promises, lets see 1% of profits gets me...bollocks!
  • ooooer
    Microsoft got picked on because it sells the only OS that has a monopoly on the market. 90%+ runs Windows of one flavour or another. It gets preloaded onto your computer (Macs aside) at your cost whether you want it or not. Therefore only Microsoft is in a position to skew the market for browsers and thereby control aspects of the internet by locking out competitors. This is old news and not the first time MS has been fined for market distortion. Fuck knows why nobody here "understoffs" why it is in the firing line. The EU is only doing its job and thank fuck for that because plenty of people in this thread seem only too happy to bend over and take a reaming from Redmond.
  • HW
    @ ooooer Surely it's not MS fault that all PC manufacturers WANT MS on their machines? The reason for this... Joe public wants it. Most people know how to use MS and want to use It. Explorer aside, their pc software is the market leader for a reason. As for EU interference. You think it's a good thing? You must be a total cunt.
  • JBC
    If I were Microsoft I would do two things: 1. Tell the EU to fuck off . 2. Withdraw sale all products and support from the entire EU.
  • jmecks
    @JBC That's where they to hire Michael O'Leary.
  • jmecks
    @JBC That’s where they need to hire Michael O’Leary.

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