Ethically-built mobile hits target of 5,000 pre-orders

6 June 2013

fairphone Any of you lot interested in an 'eco-phone'? Well, Fairphone - the ethically built smartphone - has reached its pre-sale target of 5,000 orders, which means it can start flogging them round Europe.

Presumably by vehicles that use up scarce fossil fuels.

The phone will cost €350 and will have dual-sim capability and an operating system you can root, so you can use your preferred service.

The phone will be made with something called 'conflict-free minerals', including tin and coltan from selected areas within the Democratic Republic of Congo and will be made in a factory in China. Not the suicide ones Apple use. A company where Fairphone will set up a fund to improve worker’s wages and conditions.

In a statement, Fairphone said it will provide transparency about everything, with Bas van Abel, Fairphone’s founder and chief executive officer, saying: "It disturbed me that no one in the world truly understands how a mobile phone is made and when you don’t understand how something is made, you can’t change it."

"With Fairphone I want to offer buyers this choice, while raising the bar for the industry. By buying this phone, you join a movement to change the way things are made"

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  • Mustapha S.
    Sounds like a phone for quinoa munching, sandle wearing, hairy crotched, incence burning tree ticklers. And Bas sounds like a patronising cunt. Perhaps he can get a job writing on here.
  • Alexis
    Sounds shit
  • badger
    ^ Agreed ^
  • Han S.
    Mof, Couldn't you have spiced this up by alleging that people not wanting the phone, made in China using tin and coltan from the Democratic Republic of Congo, are clearly RACIST? That does seem to be BW's pet allegation.
    See, you need to get a second phone line on your smartphone. Let all those calls go to voice mail if you want.

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