ESPN to offer Premier League goals on your phone

13 August 2010

jimmy hillESPN is going to give football fans a mobile phone service that is actually really good. It's one that will bring us video footage of every Premier League goal, "usually within minutes" of the ball bulging the onion bag.

ESPN Goals will offer the bog-standard news and live scores, which you can get for free. If you want the videos, then you'll have to cough up £3.99 a month or £29.99 for the season.

The best news is that it's going to be available on both iPhone and Android and you buy it through ESPN's mobile site. Sky are probably wishing they'd thought of this no doubt.

The Guardian report that ESPN has the rights to 23 Premier League matches this season, but UK mobile highlights rights for all the league's games for the next three years.

Goal highlights will be available before we Match of the Day Football First transmits.

"Mobile media has seen dramatic growth in recent years and has proven to be a significant and important part of the way people connect to the sport they love," said Tom Gleeson, the vice-president of digital media for ESPN International. "ESPN Goals will serve as a fantastic complement to our television business in the UK."

This certainly looks like an app that is worth a punt.

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  • Mark
    "Sky are probably wishing they’d thought of this no doubt." Don't Sky have Sky Mobile TV which has the entire ESPN channel as well as the Sky Sports? Admittedly it's not on Android yet...
  • Steff
  • Jimbo
    or you could just go on and watch the goals an hour after they happen.

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