England World Cup qualifier to stream online

5 October 2009

england_badge_So, it's all official and that. England's next qualifying match is going to be streamed exclusively on the internet. How very futuristic. Of course, there's nothing new about watching things online, but it certainly seems to me that this is an experiment by TV spuds to see if we're all ready to buy into the whole PPV online experience.

Sadly, they've not thought it through. Neither have I but it won't stop me speculating all the same. The thing is, football isn't usually watched by people on their own. They usually go down the pub for a few while a game is being shown (if you can't justify paying  a subscription just to watch the footy) or invite some mates round for a beer or two whilst hurling abuse at Ashley Cole.

If you're down the pub, you won't want to suddenly realise that the beach ball that's been thrown on the pitch toward motionless players is actually the landlord's Mac freezing during some buffering or the appearance of a Blue Screen Of Death during a key segment of the game.

What might be more telling is that, after England beat Croatia 5-1, the game against the Ukraine is dead rubber. It's of little consequence and it seems unlikely that anyone will want to spend the £5 (or thereabouts) to log-in. Especially when you consider that there are loads of other sites (which we will not mention here) that show games for free (and illegally).

Kentaro are looking after the game itself and, in the quest to find a replacement for Setanta, sold the rights to some group called Perform who will show the match via ukrainevengland.com.

So, are you going to gather your mates around to sit around a laptop monitor to watch it?


  • Alex W.
    On justin.tv maybe, but on a paysite? Nope :)
  • Shopdis F.
    If you have a Bet365 account you can also watch the game for free as they will be streaming it. All you have to do is deposit, no betting required
  • Tom P.
    Waste of 2 hours, watching Fabio giving his B team a training session.
  • The B.
    Don't forget to mention that it'll be shown at a resolution around half that of standard definition so it's piss poor quality too.
  • BK
    time to invest in companies selling hdmi to dvi cables... cough cough....myp2p ahem
  • charitynjw
    Who hurled a bus at poor Ashley? Leave him alone, he's only little! ps. probably explains why the number 28 didn't turn up this morning
  • charitynjw
    Or maybe they meant the England coach?

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