EE want to give your car 4G

22 May 2014

buzzard-ee They may not be the most reliable company, but EE want to get your car connected to 4G with their new EE Buzzard.

EE reckon that they're the first to sell a new gadget which is able to connect up to 10 devices in a car to their WiFi network. You plug the Buzzard into your car's cigarette lighter and hey presto, you have a mobile internet hotspot.

EE's Pippa Dunn said: "We're trying to open up the car as a place where you can experience connectivity, principally for parents with children who are currently squabbling over an iPad and watching a video on the back seat."

"The kids that I know, their biggest complaint is that they want to post to Facebook and Instagram but can't when they're in the car. So we want to open that up."

They also say that they want to "dramatically improve accessibility of superfast mobile internet across the UK, and set a new benchmark for the 4G user experience."

Fancy one?

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  • john l.
    I would love to receive a EE buzzard, To turn my car into a wifi hotspot. While on those rainy days, i just love sitting in my car listening to the rain. And now i can even down load my favourite music, apps, games, Simply heaven.
  • Amy T.
    Wow this sounds great if it works! I would love one as my kids gadgets are all wifi only so would be great when out in the car to have internet

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