EE to double 4G speeds for free

9 April 2013



Are you a customer with EE? Well, good news - they're doubling your 4G speeds for absolutely nothing. If you're on LTE, your 8Mbps will soon be more like 20Mbps. Apparently, there's a top (theoretical) speed of 80Mbps.


For the time being though, EE are only looking at 10 cities, including London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester and Sheffield.

One good thing about this is that all the other networks are going to get jealous of this and start throwing some deals around, so there's definite bargains to be had. Once everyone rolls out 4G, there'll be a further price war, which we can all exploit.

High speeds and low prices. Sounds good to us, if it doesn't all balls-up.


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  • Alexis
    Yes! Now I can get through that 500mb monthly limit in half a day instead of a full 24 hours!
  • Wongaporkpies
    EE what a joke. T-Mobile and Orange could never deliver a reliable 3G data service cause yes they decided to decommission masts, but they still held you to a contract you could not use. EE Eggheads Everywhere is what they should be called !
  • Aunt B.
    Nothing nowhere, you mean.

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