EE say their broadband isn't too great - promise to sort it out

24 September 2015

ee EE have gone and announced plans to sort out their broadband service, after they admitted it is a bit rubbish. They said that customers haven’t been getting the service they ought to be, and as part of their Broadband Service First programme, there's going to be  500 new customer service jobs and they will be opening an operations hub to better deal with customer queries.

Francoise Clemes, chief customer service officer at EE, said: "Broadband customer service has simply not been good enough. I promise all of our customers that service is our top priority and, through Broadband Service First, we will fix this."

So what prompted all this? Well, EE said that they have been given a kick in the pants by 'continued, and unacceptable, high volume of complaints'.

Ofcom figures show that they'd received 0.51 complaints about EE Broadband (per 1,000 customers), which is considerably higher than the average across the industry (which stands at 0.17 complaints per 1,000). It is also the highest complaint level for any ISP since the first quarter of 2013.

In July 2015, Ofcom fined EE £1m for breaking rules on customer complaint handling, so they're right to tackle this problem. Now it is easier to switch broadband providers than ever before, EE will be hoping that they get this right.

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  • Pie M.
    I plan to use their latest offer to twist Plusnet's arm when my contract comes up for renewal. Hope they don't call my bluff, cos I don't want to sign up with a shower of incompetents like EE though.

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