EE pushing out 4G+

10 September 2015

4G+ blows man away
4G+ blows man away

EE are getting serious with their ultrafast 4G+ network, shoving out to everyone in London. As if people in London don't have enough already. What does it mean? Well, 4G+ means faster browsing, quicker streaming and all the things you imagine you'd get with something with a plus symbol on the end.

The provider is trying to match the demands of people who do more bandwidth-heavy things on their phones. EE reckon that customers with 4G+ devices have downloaded twice as much of bandwidth hungry data compared to the year before.

On average, EE say that 4G+ customers download 4GB of data a month.

"We've built our network with lots of capacity because we knew that video was growing at a phenomenal rate and customers need a fast connection when they're downloading large video files to their phones," explained Fotis Karonis, chief technology officer for EE.

"We already have 4G coverage for 93 per cent of the population across the UK and that has made us number one for mobile data, complementing our industry-leading reliability and voice performance.

"Now with more 4G+ sites giving double the capacity in the busiest areas, we're getting even faster for our customers, and that extra capacity means improved reliability for everything you do on your phone."

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  • Pizza_D_Action
    "On average, EE say that 4G+ customers download 4GB of data a month." That must of cost them about £300 then, on top of their line rental.... EE are shysters when it comes to data allowances.
  • james
    I got 4g+ today in edinburgh

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