EE launches WiFi calls service

7 April 2015

ee Even though there's loads of apps out there that enable you to make calls and communicate with people over the internet, EE have decided to launch their own thing where you can phone people up over WiFi.

Handy if you've no mobile signal and haven't heard of Skype or whatever. This new service will be available on the Microsoft Lumia 640 and the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Other handsets are set to follow suit. iPhone users will be able to do all this by summer.

EE think they've spotted a problem and have said that 1-in-10 people have rooms in their house where they can't get a signal (especially in rural places) so they'll be able to make calls by piggybacking on the WiFi.

This service makes the most of the IP multimedia subsystem framework, which EE showed off in the Churchill War Rooms underneath Whitehall (which is underground and has a shield of five feet of concrete around it) and they made calls over the WiFi there. Presumably, Churchill didn't have a WiFi connection down there, or he would've lost the war by playing hashtag games on Twitter.

Of course, if you don't have a WiFi connection, you might as well try and make a phonecall on an abacus.

That all said, EE reckon that their WiFi calling service is easier to use than Skype, WhatsApp and the like, because it uses the phone's standard dialler and contacts and you won't need a special app (although, a lot of phones enable you to use the standard dialler now).

They're all at it though. Vodafone are bringing something similar out and O2 has the Tu Go app, like Three's InTouch thing. It all sounds like bloatware to us.

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  • patrick
    Three Mobile have offered this quite a while through their Three InTouch app. On the iphone at least it's not particularly reliable is depends on having the app loaded in active memory - if you run too many other apps then it shuts down.
  • Cosmo S.
    You mean some Lumia 640 actually got sold?
  • dvdgremlin
    I guess it depends on whether you can use your standard EE phone number on this app without it affecting your paid for minutes. If you can then it's a good idea as your mobile minutes would only be used when you are ... well... mobile. :)

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