EE Brightbox open to hackers

21 January 2014

hackers Do you have an EE Brighbox router? Well, listen up - the company have had to confess that there's a flaw in them that could allow a hacker to easily and remotely access your account and personal information.

This vulnerability affects both the Brightbox 1 and 2 routers and a British security researcher - Scott Helme - stumbled across it points out that a ne'er-do-well could get into your router without any fuss at all.

All that is needed to attain admin control is a WiFi password, which of course, can be obtained by phishing. Then, if the hacker was feeling peevish, they could get enough info to mess around with your subscription, meaning that they could rack up loads of costs for you, cancel it or whatever else it is that hackers do to get their kicks.

Around 300,000 users are affected and EE themselves have said that they now aware of this weakness and that customers should "remain vigilant". A spokesperson said: "As is the case for all home broadband customers, regardless of their provider, it is recommend they only give network access to people they trust. Customers should also be suspicious of any unsolicited emails and web pages, and keep their security software up to date."

"We treat all security matters seriously, and while no personal data will be compromised by the device itself, we would like to reassure customers that we are working on a service update which we plan to issue shortly, and which will remotely and automatically update customers’ Brightboxes with enhanced security protection."

Addendum: To access an account, a caller must verify their identity to one of our customer service agents. An email or username, which is the only information a third party could access, is not accepted as an account identifier.

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