EC aren't cool with Google everywhere

google Google news again now, and it seems their case about the whole anti-trust thing seems to snowballing into something bigger.

Joaquín Almunia, the EC’s competition commissioner, told the European parliament that unless Google altered its offer to settle complaints, it could face a “statement of objections”, which in English means the formal path towards a fine that could equate to 10% of the company’s global revenue, or about $6bn (£3.7bn).

Almunia told MEPs: “Microsoft was investigated for 16 years, which is four times as much as the Google investigation has taken, and there are more problems with Google than there were with Microsoft,”

Google controls more than 90% of the online search market in Europe, which is more than in the US, where it was cleared by the US federal trade commission in January 2013 of favouring its own searches to the detriment of consumers.

Almunia told MEPs his change of position was due to “new factual evidence” about the impact on rivals of the proposals.

He added that the EC competition group could also open an investigation into preferential positioning for Google in its Android operating system.

There could also be another investigation for “the possible diversion of internet traffic towards Google services which are not search services”

A spokesman for Google, said in response: “We continue to work with the European commission to resolve their concerns.”

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