eBay tell you to change your password - four months after attack

22 May 2014

If you haven’t already, change your eBay password, because the site has been compromised by hackers stealing email addresses, phone numbers, postal addresses and names.

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eBay urged all its 233m users to change their passwords immediately after the cyber thieves nicked personal information. But luckily credit card and bank details are encrypted and stored on a different database, which is safe.

An eBay spokesperson said:

‘Our customers are our highest priority; and to ensure they continue to have a safe, secure and trusted experience on eBay, we will be asking all eBay users to change their passwords.’

Which is all fine, apart from one teeny little thing. The cyber burglars got into the database through eBay employee logins and stole the information back in FEBRUARY– but eBay apparently didn't find out about it until a couple of weeks ago. Today, eBay have been blasted by MPs for what they're calling 'inexcusable delays'.

Anyway, if you’re an eBay seller or user, you should finally be getting an email today telling you to change it.

That's unless you've already had your identity stolen and last month a strange man turned up at your front door pretending to be you and threw you out of your house...

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