eBay listing sells watch via hilarious heartbreak

This here, is one of the funniest eBay listings around. It seems de rigueur for people to come up with amusing listings and it seems to be a good way of getting your auctions noticed. Whether it actually helps you to sell your wares is another matter entirely.

funny ebay listing

Click here to see the auction itself. Worth looking for further laughs in the questions section. Spotters badge to ML.


  • christian
    it's actually quite cringingly unfunny. Fuck me, I think I'm gonna do one of these just to sell my shit, doesn't take much to amuse people.
  • Richard
    this is awful. although coming from mof gimmers im not surprised
  • steve
    I agree, a bit of a cringe going on in the humour dept. Although i do wonder why he ended up dating that bloody swamp donkey to begin with, unless he's just a freekin ugly.
  • Klingelton
    Here's one for Len. If your boss is nailing your miss us and you find out and punch him hard in the left nostril, is ist grounds for unfair dismissal should you lose your job as a result?
  • crap
    his ebay fee's are gona be through the roof
  • Un f.
    More cringingly unfunny nonsense by the same bloke...http://www.revenge-date.com Hey Chris... maybe you should please let us see the post.

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