EasyJet to sell smart-trainers

EasyJet smart trainers

We're aware that this sounds like a joke, but it isn't - EasyJet are going to start selling 'Sneakairs', which are smart-trainers.

Smart how? Well, the budget airline have designed a pair of prototype trainers - which they plan to sell on planes - which have sensors in them which connect to a smartphone app via Bluetooth.

They'll use your smartphone's GPS to help you navigate around the city (you're presumably visiting after being on one of their flights) by vibrating the shoe, telling you to which way to turn.

Is it better than being glued to Google Maps on your iPhone? Is it better than wrestling with a paper map? If these trainers work, you won't miss any of the sights you're supposed to be seeing, we guess.

They tested out the Sneakair prototype at the Barcelona Street Project event, with people being shown around the city by the tremblings in their trainers.

Peter Duffy, easyJet's Marketing Director said: "We are looking at making this technology available for purchase on-board in the future, offering a practical solution to those passengers who want to relax visiting a new place without the need of a map and enjoy every moment while they explore a new city."

Here's a video to show you what they're all about. Sadly, they look pretty ugly, but that's something that could be worked out.

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