E-cigs to be banned indoors?

health-e-cigarettes First, they sent the smokers outside - now, using an e-cigarette in an enclosed public place could be banned. That'll annoy some of the vaping fanboys and no doubt be a relief to those that have an irrational hatred of them.

So what's the craic? Well, the Welsh Government wants to start treating e-cigs like cigarettes, with new proposals which a part of a new Public Health Bill. There's other ideas about making it illegal to sell tobacco to under-18s and bringing in licensing laws for tattooists.

If the bill is successful, it is likely to see any indoor vaping banned by late 2016. As we've seen with other bans of this sort, once one country gets it, it is soon rolled out across the other members of the UK.

Health minister Professor Mark Drakeford said: "This is not an area in which you should wait for proof that harm has conclusively happened. We need to take action now to prevent the possibility of harm."

“If you are a health minister charged with looking after the health of the people of Wales, if you are presented with a proposition that this could do harm, but we don’t know whether it does or not, you can only act in a precautionary way. You cannot wait for that harm to happen and then wish you had taken action when you had an opportunity to do it."

He added: "There is no doubt at all that the industry has deliberately set out to make e-cigarettes attractive to children and young people.”

It seems another angle on this ban is to keep the air quality in buildings to a level where it makes it easier to enforce the current indoor smoking ban. There's similar legislation already in place in Spain, Belgium and Malta, so this is not a new idea.

The World Health Organisation has already called for e-cigarettes to be banned, saying that the devices pose a threat to adolescents and foetuses, and will also increase non-smokers exposure to nicotine and other toxic substances.

Of course, there's very little evidence either way on all this, but it does feel inevitable that the governments of the UK will start throwing their weight around e-smoking.


  • Anne I.
    There isn't anything wrong with hating adults childishly sucking on Doctor Who sonic screwdriver replicas whilst polluting my airspace with candy floss aromas. Take a look in the mirror you cnuts.
  • Big A.
    About bloody time. Hurry it along and get that smell out of work!
  • Dan B.
    It's a joke to say these ridiculous things help people give up smoking. They use them more than they ever smoked. I saw a woman the other day using one in a branch of Boots. In what dimension was she ever smoking in Boots?
  • Fagin
    Perhaps they ought to ban perfume next, some people stink up a room with too much of the stuff, lingers somewhat too! can be very invasive cloying ..just saying.
  • Raggedy
    @Fagin Asthmatics would agree with you there and also mention the fact that young men attempting to get the "Lynx effect" by spraying a whole bottle of deodorant over themselves also cause problems with the cloying cloud of "hot babes attractant". @Dan Beckett I know several people who gave up using vapes and don't use vapes now either. The trick is to reduce the strength of the nicotine gradually. @Anne You must be one of those born-again non-smokers? Chill! :-)

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