Dyson opens UK store

Dyson opens UK store

If you've ever fancied going to a shop that sells nothing but Dyson products, you're in luck - Dyson has opened their first UK shop on London's Oxford Street.

That means you can try out their new fancy hairdryer, which doesn't look like a hairdryer at all!

Or indeed, you can play with their vacuum cleaners and talk in a low, posh voice like you're James Dyson on those slightly irritating TV commercials that the company have been doing.

The shop is called Dyson Demo, and is opposite Selfridges if you happen to be down that way (or a local, complaining about tourists on that particular street).

Apparently, Dyson Demo is giving everyone the chance to test-drive their gadgets.

Not a bad idea, seeing as their devices are such a big investment - £300 on a supersonic hairdryer? It's not to be sniffed at is it?

You can have your hair done in a first floor salon, and test a variety of vacuums one 60 different types of dust and debris in-store.

It'll stock 65 Dyson products, and you can take it straight out of the shop, or get it delivered to your house. You'll also be able to speak to Dyson experts, in what seems very much like an Apple Store experience.

All zen and expensive spectacles.

This is the fifth permanent shop Dyson have opened, with the others being in Tokyo, Moscow, Paris and Jakarta.

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