Dyson make Airblade water tap

Ever looked at your hands in a Dyson Airblade and notice how it spreads your hand-skin all over the place like a pensioner's ballbag in summer? Now, we'll be able to see that without peering into a device with Dyson's latest development.

The company has unveiled the Airblade Tap, which incorporates a hand-drier into a water tap. Of course, this new gizmo will save time and space, not to mention that it will stop you dripping water all over yourself (so no more worrying that you look like you've dribbled wazz on yourself, unless of course, the tap spits air and the dregs of the pipes on you).

Naturally, this new device is technically impressive. It will be able to draw in 30 litres of air per second through its HEPA filter, which translates into you drying and washing your hands in 12 seconds. That means more boozing time. Both air and water are operated via infrared sensor and the filter takes 99.9 percent of bacteria out of the air it draws in.

It will, however, set you back £1,000.



  • Mr M.
    Cheap chinese tat
  • Idi A.
    Will it be as reliable as their washing machine was?
  • Studley
    "Saves time"? Really? Nobody else can wash their hands whilst you're drying yours.
  • Chewbacca
    I've never seen a "pensioner's ballbag in summer", but I'm prepared to accept Gimmers' experience of same may well provide him with a degree of knowledge
  • Wongaporkpies
    water and electric in the same device, yep sounds save. Electrocution will save 10 seconds in drying time compared to the air dryer !
  • Inspector G.
    I'm guessing that James Dyson never eats in McDonald's. They've had combined, sink, tap, soap dispenser and dryers for years.
  • boring b.
    Typically Dyson - poorly made gimmick.
  • Dick
    >They’ve had combined, sink, tap, soap dispenser and dryers for years. If you have enough water pressure, you can piss in them too.
  • Kevin
    There are many systems that combine all those things, they just don't work very well, which this seems to. Pointless now though,and more and more of his great designs aren't dropping in price so they're not being used. I'd love one of his fans or his heaters as they are wonderful, but hideously expensive still, even after a few years.
  • kids g.
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