Durex make vibrating underwear so you can cop-off with an app

22 April 2013

Durex has just announced the launch of a new line of vibrating underwear for both men and women called Funderwear. Basically, the premise is this: You can 'touch' someone via the controls of an iPhone app.

This'll be great for the likes of Jason Manford and Leslie Grantham who enjoy horsing around on webcams and the like.

Durex is calling these wired scads "the future of foreplay" and a way to "touch over the internet." There's undercrackers for fellas and a knickers and bra set for the ladies, designed by fashion designer, Billie Whitehouse.

The app shows you a map of your mate's erogenous zones and allows you to control exactly where and how hard they feel the vibrations. Should we be worried? As a YouTube comment hysterically says, "What if hacker rapes you with this? =S"


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  • Captain.Cretin
    Old news?? Or have Durex only just caught up?? This type of adult toy has been around for over a decade. I read about it in PlayBoy pre millennium (I only buy it for the articles - honest).
  • huge v.
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  • Jennycoll
    Ha! now this is really an interesting device, would love to try it on my girl, I bet she will loves it!

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