Dropbox hacked - get those passwords changed!

Dropbox-Logo-580-75 If cloud storage is your game and you’ve got a Dropbox account, you might want to get on there and change your password ASAP, as they have confirmed that they have been hacked by cyber-baddies.

Dropbox are saying that it’s a ‘small number’ of accounts that have been hacked, but one of those was the account of an employee – among their files was a document listing users’ email addresses.

The emails were nicked and used for spam, which led to the discovery of the intial hackery. Still with us? Good.

Most of the people affected are from the UK, Germany and Holland, so it’s better to be safe than sorry and get that password changed before the baddies get a look at your goodies.

Dropbox have apologised and announced some new security measures in a classic example of shutting the stable horse once the door has bolted. Or something like that.


  • TimB
    Err...not what they're saying at all. What happened, from what I can gather, is that some Dropbox users used the same passwords on Dropbox accounts as they used on other sites, and one of those other sites got compromised. Because the users were idiots, and the passwords were the same, the hackers also then gained access to the users Dropbox account. One such idiot was a Dropbox employee, who happened to have a list of email addresses in his Dropbox. Ergo, yes, Dropbox leaked information, but they themselves weren’t hacked. Why user data is in an employees personal Dropbox is an entirely seperate question, of course.
  • LanceVance
    Looks like they "dropped the box" on this one!! I'll get me coat......i've got some weed in the pocket.
  • Mienaikage
    For fuck's sake... I suppose Gmail/Hotmail/Facebook/Twitter were all also hacked at the exact same time as Dropbox then? Dropbox didn't get hacked, another unnamed website got hacked and the users on that site happened to be using the same password for both the other site and Dropbox. Hackers logging in != getting hacked.
  • Mike
    Lets delete this post, yeah?

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