Dribble one off all over yourself at video of concept iPhone 5 whatsit

24 August 2011

iPhone 5? What a lame piece of junk. It is. Why? Because some insane berk has been meddling with the circuits and what-have-you and come up with the most arousing piece of technology ever. It's the hoverboard of smartphones.

Basically, this concept iPhone 5 has a mega skinny chassis, a projector that provides a touch-sensitive keyboard and a holographic film projector. Yeah. That. Click play and start messing with your genital immediately.


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  • PokeHerPete
  • Delenn
    Used one of those projector keyboards a couple of years ago. Really hard to get used to, as there is no rebound on your keys. Nothing tactile to show you hit a key. We ended up giving up and buying some rubberised keyboards you could throw in a washing machine instead.
  • Brandon H.
    Not a very believable concept. Why. Because iphone is always lagging behind technology, not ahead of it and having stuff that no other currently available phone has. Here's a concept, what would the battery life be like on an iphone with projector shit. You'd have to start carrying a car battery around with you.
  • The B.
    You mean that someone watched that video that Mozilla knocked together when pissing around with concepts for a smartphone? How clever of them. Yawn.
  • EarthSurvivor
    Stolen from The Mozilla SeaBird. Apple will probably steal it and then say they invented cutting edge technology again. Sexy video here of the Seabird http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oG3tLxEQEdg
  • Apple 5.
    Haha, I can not believe they pulled the same stunt as last time by leaving an iPhone 5 somewhere. Surely if you had one thing like that you would not let it out of you sight! even for a minute

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