Download MP3s from Spotify via hooky app?

spotify-logo Google and Spotify aren't happy with a Chrome extension called Downloadify, which has allowed users to swipe MP3 copies of the songs they stream over Spotify's web player.

"Simple Chrome Extension to Download all Spotify Songs,"says the Downloadify description. "Spotify made a great html5 player for their service...But they forgot their encription [sic]...Hey, I don't like encription but love spotify, just pay them for their magnificent content and I am sure they fix it soon."

Google have given the boot to the extension, which isn't surprising as the Web Store agreement says that Google won't "engage in any activity with the Web Store, including the development or publication of Products or other materials, that...infringes on the intellectual property rights of others [or] enables the unauthorized download of streaming content or media."

Of course, those in the know will be able to still access the app, Web Store or not. Spotify are looking into the matter, but it is bad timing for them as they're currently in the middle of renewing their licensing agreements with the major record labels.

Spotify are trying to get better financial terms from the labels, but with this oversight, their bargaining chips may be fewer than first expected.


  • Alexis
    Any old MP3 recording software will grab songs from Spotify though?
  • Big M.
    Preferred to read about this yesterday at El Reg. Just saying.
  • Euan
    Seems like @spotify fixed the player :) the extension doesnt work anymore. Still no official response…. — Robin Aldenhoven (@rAldenhoven) May 8, 2013 Not that I'd want to point out that the developer of Downloadify mentioned yesterday that Spotify had patched this or anything.

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