Don't make bomb jokes on Twitter about airports

"You’ve got a week and a bit to get your shit together, otherwise I’m blowing the airport sky high."

This tweet made by Paul Chambers of some place called Balby has got him into a world of pain. That's because he was tweeting about an airport and has subsequently been charged by the fuzz for sending a menacing message.

If there's a law against that, I'm fucked.

Chambers is to appear at Doncaster Magistrates' Court on Friday for a preliminary hearing after he was charged by South Yorkshire police on Thursday.

Chambers is said to have made the remarks about Robin Hood airport in South Yorkshire after he found out the a flight he planned to take was cancelled after all that snowy stuff fell out of the clouds last month.

As a result of the comments, some idiot complained to police who then, bafflingly, went and arrested Chambers and seized computers and an iPhone as part of their investigation. To rub dogshit in the wound, Chambers also found that he'd been banned for life from Robin Hood airport by authorities. It's reckoned that this poor sod is the first person to be charged over sending offensive messages over the social networking site.

Has no-one thought that the likelihood of someone orchestrating a terrorist attack probably wouldn't bother doing it on a social networking site? I mean, imagine a Facebook status update saying "I'm going to plant a device in my bag and set it off at Gatwick next Thursday", followed with a thumbs up and Andy Dawson Likes This.

It wouldn't happen because you'd have to be a monumental idiot to do so and an staggering kill-joy would be the only one to take it seriously.

Next week: Bitterwallet closed by authorities for comments above regarding Gatwick airport despite the fact that they clearly form part of a rubbish article designed, and failing to, make people even slightly amused or interested.

[The Register]


  • Jase
    Heard about this like 2 weeks ago...way to be up-to-date on the news! (Y) But on a serious note, it is getting beyond a joke that a 140 character string could land you in court. Fair catch if the guy has been stockpiling SemTex in his house, it its FAR more likely that he was just pissed off that his flight was cancelled. Seems like the British are losing their science-given right to bitch and whine.
  • Joff
    Mof, if I'm reading your article correctly (which I'm not, but stay with me) then you're saying Andy Dawson would like Gatwick to be blown up on Thursday...
  • Ok
    Like anybody would be friends with a guy called MOF ...
  • Sandy B.
    "Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield Airport"?! Because the legend of Robin Hood is forever associated with Doncaster isn't it...?! What next - an airport named after an old drunk of a footballer I suppose..... Marketing fails the lot of 'em.
  • Nobby
    Sherwood Forest is between Doncaster and Nottingham, about 20-25 miles from the airport.
  • Nobby
    BW did an article on this at the time, it's news again as he has now been charged.
    • Andy D.
      @Nobby DId we? Link please.
  • D V.
    I have a very good friend on Hoth called Moff Tarquin!
  • Hairy T.
    @Sandy Bottom - In the same way Oxford is now part of London -
  • SJT
    "Chambers also found that he’d been banned for life from Robin Hood airport by authorities" Shucks, he must be gutted at that......
  • Chris
    What a crock of shit. Seriously. Has common sense gone out the window?
  • Nobby
    @Andy I'm sure you did. But then I also read other sites similar to this, so might be mixed up.
  • Sideysid
    @Nobby how is it possible being theres such a gnats cock of a distance between Donacster and Nottingham that one has recently be voted the the most fattie-infested place in Blighty, while the other maintains a fabled ratio of 7:1 hotties to blokes?
  • Joff
    Is Doncaster still the AIDS capital of the UK? If so, they should wear a bib -
  • Nobby
    @Sideysid - As Doncaster is entirely working class / dole scum. There is not one middle (or above) class person in Doncaster. Thus the community there encourages pie eating and obesity.
  • Laurz
    @Sandy Bottom - The other stupid thing about the airport name is that it isn't in sheffield, is nowhere near sheffield and sheffield had already got its own airport. The 'robin hood doncaster sheffield airport' is on the site of the former finningley airport and really should have just been called finningly airport, nottingham isnt even in the same county as doncaster. On a serious note this 'man' got what he deserved, he wasn't joking, it wasnt a light hearted little comment, he was an angry man who felt aggrieved at the airport for delaying him so he threatened them via the net, a week to sort it out or he blows the airport up. I'm not sure why anyone at all finds that funny, its hardly the comment of a comedian is it. I fly from there regularly and I think his comments were disgusting. A white man from doncaster saying it and BW and others consider it a 'joke' and think he was dealt with harshly. Had a muslim of Pakistani origins made the same tweet I think nobody would have any sympathy for him and would certainly not have seen it as a funny joke.
  • Jimbo
    A work colleague of mine accompanied his girlfriend to Gatwick to see her off and whilst at the check-in desk, when asked if there was anything in her luggage that shouldn't be, he jokingly replied "Yes an AK-47!" Within 30 seconds they were surrounded by armed police and arrested. His 'little joke' saw his girlfriend losing her flight without a refund and both of them being banned for life from EasyJet, for causing a security alert. They were also banned from re-entering Gatwick airport for the day, so couldn't get a train anywhere. He had to get a taxi from Gatwick to Heathrow at a cost of £50 and pay for a last minute flight to Spain for his girlfriend at a cost of £500. We took the piss for ages at work. We couldn't believe that anybody could be so stupid. His 'joke' cost him dearly
  • In A.
    [...] knobhead who should have known better unfortunate victim of our over-sensitive times found himself in trouble after tweeting in jest that he’d blow an [...]

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