Do we need an Internet Bill of Rights?

bill_of_rights Sir Tim Berners-Lee has called upon the overlords of the internet to get together and sign an internet bill of rights.

The aim of this would be to defend freedom and privacy and ensure the rights of web users. This Magna Carta 2.0 would guarantee the independence and integrity of the World Wide Web as a whole. Of course, asking web giants to do it could be problematic, given that half of them seem to be in cahoots with government spying and Facebook is, well, nosey without anyone's influence.

Berners-Lee made the statement as part of the internet's 25th birthday celebrations and since Edward Snowden blew the whistle on everyone, Sir Tim has been a loud critic of online surveillance.

He thinks that it is now time for us all to make a communal decision on what the internet is going to be in the future.

Berners-Lee sees 2014 as the perfect time act, what with the NSA leaks and censorship being an increasing concern worldwide. Sir Tim defended Edward Snowden, saying that his whistleblowing was "in the public interest" and that we should be worried about the "growing tide of surveillance and censorship" all over the world.

He said: "In front of us are two roads - which way are we going to go? Are we going to continue on the road and just allow the governments to do more and more and more control - more and more surveillance? Or are we going to set up a bunch of values? Are we going to set up something like a Magna Carta for the World Wide Web?"

Any constitution on internet freedoms should look at the issues surrounding copyright and how ethics work on the internet. His online bill of rights will be included in a campaign called "Web We Want" which hopes to have a worldwide review of internet conventions.

What do you think? Would it ever be enforcible? Could anyone get the internet's major players to even agree on a first draft?


  • Rob
    The only "rights" most people want are the "right" to steal whatever they want and the other is to slag people off/complain without cause or need whenever they want .
  • Jack
    @Rob That is a very small minded and ill informed view, thanks for sharing.

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