Dixon's unveil 'the store of the future'

dixons The first Dixon’s Travel ‘store of the future’ has been unleashed on the public passing through Gatwick Airport. They've decided kick off this concept store which is going to be the blueprint for other shops based in airports.

Customers will look at digital signs for products and look through tablets instead of catalogues. Most people will probably just get the camera function working and take stupid photos of themselves though.

Digital merchandising tables feature 32in rear projection floating screens over themed areas, which apparently, is meant to bring a sense of theatre to the product floor. There'll also be a KNOWHOW bar where customers can stop off for technical advice and repairs, which is in no way influenced by Apple's 'Genius Bar'.

Jeremy Fennell, managing director, Dixons Travel, said: “This is the store of the future for us. We are focused on delivering a better range and store experience for Travel customers, including a focus on portable items, accessories and other flight-ready products.”


  • Jerry
    this doesnt sound like store of the future at all. it sounds really boring, more like a 80's version of the future.
  • kv
    great til scumbags vandalise/steal the tablets
  • Marky M.
    @ kv No problem, because Dixons will have paid for their own great value extended warranties on the tablets (terms and conditions apply; may be bollocks).
  • Wavydavy
    You can't polish a turd
  • Sideysid
    People will continue to use brick and mortar stores just to see the product, while comparing prices and ordering on the internet from their smartphones... dixons/currys will go the way of Best Buy/Comet and Tandys before them. As for technical advice from their KNOWHOW bar, what load of fox bummers that couldn't even spell Tennants because they're fucking morons...
  • Chewbie
    Flex with the erb
  • Mustapha S.
    The dixons store of the future will most likely be boarded up and have a receivership notice slapped to it. As above, all they'll be doing is letting the customer try the product and then unless they need it there and then, they'll go to amazon or ebay. The only way it will work is if they can get sole rights to certain products or undercut the online stores (which won't happen)
  • Dick
    What's the point of a knowhow bar in an airport. You have to book a flight if you want to use it.
  • ColeTurner
    I thought stores of the future were charity shops and ladbrooks as that's what most of the stores of the past have become. Surely all those people rushing towards Spain will need a norton though to protect them against those dodgy viruses!
  • Kiddicare k.
    [...] did see that Dixons concept stores of the future would be tablets that you can flick through products, and [...]
  • Abdull
    All a load of bollocks and shite their store are rubbish the people they recruit have no clue as how a product works and when customer asks about warrenties say for example apple care and knowhow care plan they say they are the same.NO they are not Apple gives you software and hardware support at any apple store worldwide.Whilst Knowhow careplan the scamplan more like gives you Accendital Support if needed T and C appiles in both cases. UK law you are covered by Six year quarenteee anyways which states if product goes faulty the retailer must sort out the problem if it breaks down. So complain and they will eventually help you out. THey have a out of warrenty repair centre who do this sort of repairs so keep screaming this to them.THEY WILL NOT CHARGE YOU.its FREE

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