Dixons boss coldly says that Comet demise is 'helpful'

29 November 2012

Business is pretty ugly and callous, but the head cheese of Dixons is taking the biscuit by openly being happy about the demise of Comet.

Sebastian James, Dixons Retail's chief executive, said the group was "outpacing" competitors and would benefit after Comet slid into administration, adding that Comet's demise had been "helpful from a market share perspective".

Now, rubbing his hands together, he points out that Currys and PC World were well placed to pick up customers and that Dixons Retail saw like-for-like sales rising in the UK and Ireland, which is only going to get better now that Comet is dead.

Business eh?

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  • FormerDSGandBestBuyManager
    Amazing isnt it? Like for Like sales should be HUGE after Best Buy's withdrawal last year AND the demise of Comet.. they must be looking at LFL's of in excess of 25% in each store... BUT I reckon it will be 3% at best... read into that what you will..
  • apple i.
    A chief executive of a company commenting that the collapse of one of if not their biggest competitor in the uk is helpful is probably an understatement and Bitterwallet says "business eh?" What the f*ck did you expect him to say?
  • Caracticus
    Bitter bitter ex BB, DSG.
  • b00b
    I imagine what he's really thinking is 'There but for the grace of God go I.'
  • Ben
    In reality they should be more worried,its not the competitiveness of dixons that caused comets demise.Its the supermarkets selling electrics and internet shopping,also some stores offering free 5 year warranties instead of trying to pressure you for expensive policies.The market is only going to get harder from now so they should not rest on their laurels.
  • Spencer
    what a bell end. has he, at any point, stopped to consider why electrical retailers are dropping like flies? no. he's too busy skipping around in his pinstripe giving it the big 'I am' like some kind of massive arrogant douche. I'm glad I only use their stores to look at potential purchases online.
  • Gabriella
    Pretty tasteless. He failed to mention how he has merged PC world and Curry's in to combined stores to save money and closed the bulk of the Curry's and Curry's Digital stores in the UK. Hardly think it's good karma to gloat. Might be Curry's next time that goes in to admin.
  • apple i.
    FAO Spencer - fast forward a few years into your future if you get your own way and they also go under...where will you go then to look at potential purchases? That's right - nowhere. More people unemployed that you'll have to pay for benefits for. It's the online retailers that are not paying tax that are causing the problems and what do you do? You subsidise them. Let's hope not everyone feels that same huh?
  • Mr M.
    Spencer doesn't give a shit, he'll just move from fuck up to fuck up being hailed as a management messiah with a 6 figure pension.
  • No r.
    Lol at the fool talking about seb in a pinstripe. Clearly you know bugger all about him or dixons.
  • Sicknote
    If I were the boss of Dixons I'd be pointing at Comet and in Nelson Muntz style "..Ha..Ha......Ha Ha......Ha..Ha......Ha..Ha.." If the board of Comet and a complete bunch of fucktards then what are they....?
  • Mustapha S.
    PC world and dixons are the ones going tits up. I'd say that puts them well ahead of comet and best buy/carphoneWH types. It isn't easy running a company when a majority of staff are complete cunt flaps
  • wongaporkpies
    Yeah Currys we're kind enough to take on ex comet staff, probably on 6hr contracts over Xmas, then to be told fuck off in the new year, or until they fail to sell a HDMI cable' power surge plug, screener with a TV or fail to sell a bag, Norton and microfukky office with a laptop. That's why people buy online, none of that forced selling shit.
  • ex-comet
    Mr James obviously has a short memory it is only a couple of years ago that Curry's were in a position where they could not purchase stock similar to Comet and were very close to going under. It was only the merger with Dixons that saved them. Seems odd that OP Capita chose an ex Curry employee to oversee Comets demise, could be seen as suspect after Mf Fames gloating. As other comments Electrical Retail a dodgy business really hope that Curry's dont end in same position for the ex-Comet people who have joined them
  • FormerDSGandBestBuyManager
    @ex-comet - your post made me LAUGH a LOT.
  • james d.
    HA, me too ahh informed forum people.
  • See 1.
    Not a massive task to identify Dixons employees, current or ex, from their posts is it?! That "forced selling" you speak of has another, more widely recognised term, "Retail". If you don't sell profitable items the business goes under, don't need to be an economist or a retailer (I am neither) to work that out. So if you're not comfortable with the ethics of the career YOU CHOSE, leave. Incidentally, I once bought a television from a retailer that didn't offer me an "expensive policy", the telly broke outside manufacturer warranty, so I had to buy a new one which cost me far more than the policy would have. Big difference between forcing someone to buy something (is that even possible?) and making them aware of their options. For those still reading, agree with apple iTard; unfair to label Mr James openly happy when all he did was state an, albeit obvious, commercial fact.
  • LL J.
    Incidentally, the value of electrical products that I have bought which have failed outside manufacturer's warranties and before I've replaced them naturally pales into insignificance to the amount of money I'd have spent if I'd taken out extended warranties on all of my gear. Your anecdote just shows how it's so easy to play on fears and get people to buy these things as they don't look at the big picture.
  • Mike M.
    lol...cunt flaps
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