Disney's Club Penguin vanishes briefly which is obviously massive news

21 June 2011

ClubPenguinI wasn't stupid enough to have children, so I have very little grasp on what Club Penguin is. From what I can gather, its a stupid virtual world for even stupider children. Apparently, 12million people use it, which is just brilliant news.

However, yesterday, it went AWOL after the solicitors of saccharine feature length tripe, Disney, forgot to renew the domain name. Did they shrug and say 'Hakuna Matata' (it means 'no worries' apparently. Some deluded talking meerkat told us - no, not that one) and slowly get 'round to fixing it?

Well, no. In fact, it took them an internet age to sort it out after the the Club Penguin domain actually expired one week ago on June 13, seeing it taken offline yesterday morning.

As a result, millions of parents around the world had the horrifying prospect of actually spending some quality time with their dribbling offspring, forced into thinking up things for them to do so they didn't try and get too attached to their tired, listless, alcoholic parents.

In a statement, Club Penguin (which sadly, features neither biscuit) say:

"Club Penguin is available for most players again. But we have heard that some of you can't see it yet. Thanks for letting us know. The team is still working on fixing any issues with the site. Thanks for your continued patience with this."

"As some of you heard, Club Penguin's domain name (clubpenguin.com) had a technical glitch this weekend. The technical glitch has been fixed, but it will take some time for the site to appear as it should around the world. Remember -- when in doubt, talk to a parent or guardian if something looks suspicious to you."

We're just sorry we didn't snap it up ourselves while Disney stood around scratching its behind like a simpleton.

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  • anthony c.
    my daughter only subscribed on saturday used for one day now cant get on club penguin
  • Dick
    Well she isn't going to miss it then is she? Tell her to use facebook instead.
  • gaby
    when club penguin is renewed, i hope i have the same money account, character, and igloo style.
  • ?????????????
    WE ARE NOT STUPID CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE USE THE WEBSITE FOR fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gosh you floppy demented boggers
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you are soooooooooooooo right we are not just Stupid children. we play games for fun. You are soooooooooooooo mean. i'm soo glade i don't know you, you sound like a very mean and negitive person, and what you wrote was very unfriendly. CLUB PENGUIN IS FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Paul G.
    Penguin club eh? Sounds good.

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