Discounts for 'nearly new' mobiles with Vodafone

2 January 2013

Vodafone UK has launched a scheme called "Nearly New" which is a rubbish name. Basically, it offers customers pre-owned, discounted smartphones, which isn't a bad thing if you're broke and want to get into the world of Angry Birds and the like.

Vodafone reckon this is a fine way of enabling people with less cash to splash the chance to get online. It'll still cost you of course. If you fancy getting a pre-owned iPhone 4, it'll set you back £250, rather than over £400 if you buy a new handset.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X will be on discounted contracts to monthly customers as well.

And Vodafone are saying that all pre-owned handsets offered through the Nearly New programme have been returned "in very good condition" and have gone through "a number of checks", to ensure that customers won't be buying fancy bricks.

"Nearly New is designed to make it even more affordable for people, especially those who prefer pay as you go services, to get their hands on a smartphone and start using the mobile internet," a Vodafone spokesperson told The Inquirer. "It is part of our ambition to get the internet into the hands of our customers."


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  • Mustapha S.
    So basically a way for people who can't afford stuff to spend money they don't have?
  • Lemax
    @Mustapha Shit I think you've over-analysed. It reads to me that you can get it a bit cheaper if you don't mind it being a refurb.

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