Did your neighbours (allegedly) download Big Busters 2?

30 September 2010

Bitterwallet - ACS:Law database searchEarlier in the week, news broke of the ACS:Law data leak; it was a database of thousands of Sky Broadband customers that had allegedly been involved in P2P activity. Obviously such information is potentially embarrassing to those on it, and although the full list is available online, it can be hard work ploughing through it.

If only there was a way of making the database searchable by, say, postcode. That way it'd be easy to have a giggle at people in your street that had allegedly been involved in file-sharing adult yankee doodle. Or Best of Let Loose.

So if you haven't seen it yet, keep an eye on this link. It fell over several times yesterday and was at one point blocked by Google, but it allows you to search the leaked database by postcode - the results show the names of Sky Broadband customers, their distance from you (which can be displayed on Google Maps) and what they've allegedly downloaded.

Two points become apparent very quickly when performing a search; the first is that some of these customers clearly aren't the individuals allegedly involved in file-sharing. There are an awful lot of married ladies called Dorothy or Margaret listed, most likely mothers who simply pay their bills, while their live-at-home adult children plunder the intermaweb - that, or their WiFi is unsecured and somebody nearby is leeching from it. If that's the case, it shows what an utter farce ACS:Law is involved in, demanding money from individuals who may be entirely unaware of the activity - unless there really are a lot of mature ladies loving hot skin flicks. It's possible.

The second point, is that gay pornfest Latino Spunk Gobblers is far more popular than you might think.

UPDATE: the link is currently not working, although this was the case yesterday, so check back in a while.

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  • Tommy
    Now, if someone could do a postcode / name lookup which matched this to the BNP list from a while back...
  • Looking n.
    You could just download it from Pirate Bay,open up the spreadsheet,find the postcodes with excel and open up Google Streetview.
  • Bazinga
    So why haven't you done that and uploaded the .kml?
  • Anvrejus V.
    Damn you BitterWallet. Thanks for sharing my 'Party Babes' obsession.
  • Rajesh M.
    Get my name down now! I thought Party Babes was a childrens flick.
  • Sabrinna C.
    And I thought that 'Big Black Shagger' was an informative documentary about sea birds.
  • Jonathan B.
    I thought my download was about the terrible treatement of donkeys your honour
  • PaulH
    I sentence you to kiss my ass!
  • Lisa M.
    I was sure my download was about a big titted porn star. Oh.....
  • PaganWolf
    I am loving the 'Unknown, probably music'. If it's unknown how do you know it's probably music? Do they just label anything unknown as music?
  • Chris
    My neighbours are more interesting than I thought.
  • Codify
    http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/11430299 Lady's hubby insists he did not download "Chubby Chasers 2". And she believes him.
  • Brendan
    Why are you guys not reporting how much of a fraud that law firm is instead of helping spread a list of, more than likely, completely innocent people's details?
  • zeddy
    meh. Too skinny.
  • zeddy
    Brendan: What's more fun?
  • Darren
    Link is working again!
  • Barcode
    Link is working and if you shorten it http://www.ueof.co.uk/acslaw/?_task=login They appear to have got all the emails working in an online viewer
  • Ten B.
    [...] your neighbours (allegedly) download Big Busters 2? [...]
  • Wallace E.
    love your blog about this theme. come back soon.

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