Designer quits, sticks it to The Man via Photoshop

After working all the hours baby Jesus sent, this designer learnt there was no permanent job at the end of his temporary contract, despite been told otherwise when he started. So he did what any disgruntled employee does - he dreamt up a way to deliver two fingers to his employer. For the entertainment of the rest of the world, he had the stones to go through with it, too:

Bitterwallet - designer quits using Photoshop

The message was left on his screen for his co-workers to discover, and was promptly posted it online by them: "He was a good worker... I'd have recommended him. Too bad he burned his bridges." You think?



  • ElBuc
  • David F.
    i know how he feels
  • Financial S.
    That is so awesome. Good for him for telling the world!
  • Yeah I'm sure his ex-employer will be keen to 'discuss terms for a new contract'...
  • John V.
    A month or so ago my friend was in the same sort of situation. By not being an idiot about a week later there was a way for them to be hired permanently.
  • David F.
    regardless of how much of a tit he was (or she) designers mostly get treated like shit. Or worse, personal property.
  • Alex
    To be fair, if you're promised a job at the end of temp contract then he has every right to be pissed off if it suddenly became obvious you'd just been taken for a mug - you take your employer to court and produce written evidence of said promised job. And if he wasn't promised one, then he should have made sure that it was written into the contract before signing it or he shouldn't be bitching about it. Either way, this situation could have been easily rectified without resorting to this kind of thing.
  • Nobby
    One of the guys I used to work with routinely put date checks in his code that would screw up results a month or so after the end of his fixed term contract.
  • Alan
    Employers are wanchors, fact!
  • andrew
    Alan employees have been known to give an odd tug now and then
  • JMB

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